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Scarf Sweater Green

Scarf Sweater Green

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  • Upcycled
  • Low impact
  • Feels new

This reversible sweater is upcycled from vintage soccer scarfs, created from vintage soccer scarves in green tones, cut in pieces and sewn back together to create a unique pattern.

This sweater is reversible, giving you the choice between contrasting artworks or a more abstract colorway. It doesn’t get more sustainable than this: upcycled and two pieces in one!

Important: all items are created from the same green toned scarf fabric, however due to the variety of the pattern actual colors and patterns vary between items. This means you will be the only one with your version of this garment!

  • This sweater has a baggy fit and comes in 2 sizes: S/M/L and L/XL/XXL
  • This sweater has a thick V-neck, inspired from classic sports jerseys.
  • This item is wearable on two sides! 
  • This garment is created from vintage textile, giving it a second chance. Despite thorough quality control, some items may show minor marks, scars or losses. We encourage to see the beauty in these flaws, as they tell the story of the life this fabric has had before turning into your new item.
  • Handle with care, delicate wash only.
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