Versatile Forever is pleased to announce the Open Call for VERSATILE ACADEMY in collaboration with textile sorter OpnieuwGoed and fashion platform Fashion in Flux. For a period of 6 months we will dive into the world of upcycling, together with 4 participants that want to implement upcycling into their practice and learn how to successfully build their business around it.

Starting a business in upcycling is still unexplored territory. We learned a lot the past few years and we want to share this knowledge with you and the industry. As a participant of Versatile Academy, you will explore new possibilities for sorting and repurposing used textiles, within the local fashion chain. Under the guidance of (inter)national experts, you get the chance to work towards feasible ideas and concepts. All participants receive a fee to help them realize their ideas and work towards a public presentation.

Are you a fashion and / or textile creator with an active practice, registered in the Netherlands? Do you create with the planet in mind? Do you want to learn about upcycling and how to implement this succesfully into your business? Do you want to make the fashion industry a better place? Then this open call is for you!

If you have questions, you can email to

Please note: It is not possible to apply via email. Please apply by clicking on the button below.

Read the terms and conditions via the button below, before applying.

The deadline for applying is 10 April 2024!

Make sure to also read the full terms & conditions BEFORE APPLYING


I have no educational background, but I am self thought. Can I apply?

Yes! We encourage everyone that is skilled and shares our mission to make the fashion industry a better place, to apply for this open call. With or without an educational background. An active practice within the field however is required.

I am not yet using upcycling in my practice, but I want to. Can I apply?

Yes! If you have the plans to implement upcycling into your business you can apply for this open call. If you successfully convince the jury panel of your skills, thoughts and ideas, you have the same chances as someone that already does upcycling.

I am still a student, can I apply?

No, unfortunately not. You have to be at least 18 years old or older and not currently studying.

What is the program of Versatile Academy about?

For the first edition in 2024, 4 (fashion) makers are invited to participate. Individually and as a group, the participants explore new possibilities for sorting and repurposing used textiles, within the local fashion chain. Under the guidance of experts, they work towards feasible ideas and concepts around upcycling and (sorting) secondhand textile.

A final presentation / showcase will take place at the end of 2024, in a form to be determined, where the participants show the outcomes and conclusions of their research and created work.

What does the planning of Versatile Academy look like?

The Versatile Academy trajectory lasts approximately 6 months (between June and December 2024) and consists of the following program elements:

  • Academy Days: inspiring events with master classes & lectures
  • Workshops: actively work with an (international) guest / expert
  • Creator’s Days: individual coaching of the participants work
  • Academy Nights: informal gatherings for community building

The program elements as described above will take place four times in 2024, always clustered as a series within one week. Events can take place on any day throughout the week, during the day or in the evening.

Exact dates and times of events/meetings are determined by the organization and will be announced at least 3 weeks in advance.

In the meantime participants work towards their end presentation in their own time. During fixed days in the week they are allowed to source in the sorting center of OpnieuwGoed. These moments are meant to learn about the proces, source fabric and get inspired.

It's called 'Academy', is it some kind of school?

No, it is not a school. Versatile Academy is a project where all participants and involved partners will learn, invest, grow and reflect. That is why it is called 'Academy'.

How much is the fee and how do I earn it?

If the responsibilities as described in the terms & conditions are met, a total fee of up to €3,000 ex. VAT per participant will be paid. All costs, including necessary travel and expenses, fall within this amount. The total amount will be made available by the organization in three installments:

€500 ex. VAT after completing the first series of Academy events/meetings.

€ 2,000,- ex. VAT after presenting a feasible concept / idea to the organization.

€ 500,- ex. VAT after completing the entire process and delivering a final presentation.