How to measure

At Versatile Forever we aim to create garments that can serve a wide range of body types. We are not confined to regular sizing charts and try to design in such a way that a garment is multi wearable and/or adjustable to multiple sizes. Regardless, a certain size range or guideline will be necessary to know how a garment will fit your body type and for you to make the right decision.

We've created a "how to measure" guideline, to compare your measurements with the specs provided in the product description. Our products are always presented on a diverse range of models, showing the fit on different body types. This way you are more able to estimate how a garment will approximately fit.


How to measure


Bust: Measure around the chest at the fullest point of the bust. 

Waist: Keeping the measuring tape parallel to the ground, measure around your waist at the narrowest point of your torso. Make sure to keep one finger in between the tape and your body. 

Hip: Stand with your heels together and measure around the fullest part of your hips, keeping the measuring tape parallel to the ground. 


Bikini Sizes