Versatile Forever aims to warp the design- and production process of fashion and make upcycling the new norm.
Our designs are created from existing textile, giving it a second life. To lower our footprint, we produce our collections locally.
We are not naively claiming to save the world. One brand or upcycling in itself is not going to end overproduction and waste of clothing. What we do want to instigate is a change in the way we look at fashion products and how they are produced.

Versatile Forever is inspired by the many forms and shapes we humans come in. This translates into the collections by embracing versatility between products. Versatile is bold and daring, colorful, socially aware and aiming for change.

Flexibility and diversity is embedded throughout the brand. Versatile creates a platform for likeminded people with a vision to identify with. 

Nobody is the same, so why should our clothing be? Versatile Forever says no to uniformity by creating new product out of existing garments and materials, dropping in series of similar one-of-a-kinds.