Introducing the new winter collection “Make it slow”. Fashion needs to hit the brakes and so should you. We created a slow fashion collection, presenting a range of unique tracksuits upcycled from vintage soccer scarfs. Comfortable two sided pieces created to give you the comfort you need, while we give the planet a break.


Versatile Forever is a clothing brand that makes upcycling the new norm. All collections are created from vintage materials and deadstock fabrics. An item from Versatile Forever feels like brand new. Sustainable fashion never looked this good!


We make cruelty free and sustainable clothing

All our products are created from vintage material or deadstock fabric. We believe there is enough clothing in the world, so we only use fabric that is already here!

Shop responsible, shop upcycled

Fast fashion is one of the biggest poluting industries in the world. We use vintage textile and produce locally, making our footprint way less! Shopping upcycled is the responsible choice.

Versatile Forever items feel brand new

Is upcycling the same as vintage? Definitely not. An item from Versatile Forever is high quality design, hand crafted from quality fabrics. Shopping at Versatile Forever feels like buying new.

One of a kind designs, just like you

Versatile Forever makes clothing for everybody. One of a kind designs that embrace our uniqueness. A lot of our items are multiwearable, inside out, adjustable, you name it.